A map of Roman roads in Britain

The Romans developed a network of roads around Britain aiding travel and communication.

Boudicca's attack on Colchester

A discussion between a Celt and a Roman about the attack on Colchester by Boudicca.

Did the Romans invade all of Scotland?

Evidence shows that the Romans only successfully occupied the south of Scotland.

Did the Romans invade Scotland?

The Roman invasion reached some parts of southern Scotland.

Did the Romans mix with Scottish tribes?

After initial resistance, some Celtic tribes had more amicable relations with the Romans.

Food and drink brought to Britain by the Romans

Adam Hart-Davis introduces the development of food, wines and recipes from the Roman era.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall was built by the Roman army to mark the boundaries of the Roman Empire.

History of the Picts

A brief history of the Picts, beginning with their discovery by a Greek explorer.

How did the Romans go to the toilet?

The Romans had communal toilet spaces, sometimes shared by 30 people.

How did the Romans keep clean?

A look at how the Romans kept themselves and their clothes clean.

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