Cells and their function

An explanation of the purpose and function of a cell.

Cells, tissues and organs in plants

Specialised cells in plants are organised into tissues, organs and systems.

Components of a plant cell

The presenters build a plant cell and describe the role of each component.

Components of an animal cell

An animal cell is built showing the role of the membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm.

Organisms and life processes

Cellular organisation is described and the seven life processes are recapped.

Parts of plant and animal cells

The differences and similarities of animal and plant cells are described.

Plant and animal cell structures

A look at the cells of different organisms and a comparison of structures.

Stages of mitosis or cell division

A cell divides by mitosis - time lapse photography.

The difference between cells, tissues and organs

An explanation of how cells make up tissues which in turn make up organs.

White blood cells

Robert Winston explains the role of white blood cells in the body’s immune system.

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