What is fieldwork?

Fieldwork is when you go outside the classroom and find out things for yourself or with your friends.

Before you start your fieldwork, you need to decide what you want to find out.

You can do this by thinking of questions and how you will find out the answers.

Play the video to watch Amber and Ben learn about fieldwork outside the classroom.

Complete the fieldwork activity below:

Before you start your fieldwork you could think of questions such as:

  • How many birds visit the garden every day?
  • What animals live under stones in the garden?
  • What flowers do bees like best?

Once you have thought of your questions, you can decide how you are going to find the answers - this is when you get outside and do your fieldwork!

Have a look through examples of fieldwork investigations:

Kids investigate what type of insects live in the forest

Fieldwork in the forest

You can investigate what types of insects live in the forest.

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What about you?

Think about what you would like to find out about in your local area.