What tools can we use to carry out fieldwork?

There are lots of different tools you can use when doing fieldwork.

Each tool is used for different things: for example, a hoop helps to record what you see in a certain area, a rain gauge to measure how much rain has fallen, or a compass to check directions.

Play the video to watch Granny teach Ben and Amber about various fieldwork tools.

Complete the fieldwork tools activity below:

There are lots of different fieldwork tools. Here are some of them:

  • Rain gauge - to measure amounts of rain.
  • Compass - to find out directions.
  • Camera - to take photographs.
  • Stopwatch - to measure time
  • Paper and pencil - to record what you find out.
  • Tape measure - to measure distances.
  • Hoops - to record what you see in a certain area.
  • Thermometers - to measure temperature.

Take a look at useful tips with fieldwork tools:

Granny is showing how to use a clipboard and paper for fieldwork

Clipboards and paper

You can use these for questionnaires, for drawing and for counting what you find.

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What about you?

Think of more tools that you could use to carry out fieldwork.