Boating in the Summer Palace, Beijing

Beijing's Summer Palace consists of a lake, pagodas, bridges and a Buddhist temple.

Burial ground of the Ming Emperors

The Ming Tombs are a popular sightseeing spot to the north of Beijing.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the highlight of the year and people spend an entire week celebrating.

Daoism in China

Daoism is China's indigenous religion. We visit a centre of Daoism in Beijing.

Food, markets and new shopping centres in Beijing

Beijing has shops for everyone, from open-air markets to exclusive boutiques.

Getting around China by train

Travelling by train in China and buying a ticket-the cost depends on softness of the seat!

Nightlife in Beijing

More and more young people in Beijing like going out in the evening

Sports and physical exercise

Chinese people practise all sorts of sports and physical exercise.

The Great Wall and how to get there by bus

The Great Wall is a staggering feat of engineering, but how do you get there by bus?

The Peking Opera School

Peking Opera is one of the oldest and most popular forms of traditional Chinese opera.