Aztec warriors

A description of Aztec warriors.

Cortes reaches the Aztec Empire

The story of Cortes' journey to the Americas in search of Aztec gold.

How did people live in Aztec times?

Lives of ordinary people in Aztec times.

Introduction to the Aztec Empire

The excavation of Aztec buildings in modern day Mexico City.

The end of the Aztec Empire

Contemporary Spanish accounts of the Aztec Empire and Cortes' journey to the Americas.

The Mayan population of the Lacandon rainforest

Exploring the changes of the Mexican state of Chiapas and the lifestyle of its people.

The Space Race - USA and USSR

The landmark achievements in space exploration made by the USA and USSR.

What customs did the Aztecs have?

A re-enactment of dances and customs from Aztec ceremonies.

Why did the Aztecs make human sacrifices?

An explanation of the story behind the Aztec Sun God, Huitzilopochtli.

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