How MSPs are elected to Scottish parliament

An explanation of the Additional Member System used for elections to Scottish parliament.

How the Scottish Parliament works - Free personal care

The implementation of free personal care for older people in Scotland.

How the Scottish Parliament works - Gypsy travellers

The response of the Scottish Parliament to the demands of a section of society.

How the Scottish Parliament works - Private Member’s Bill

The implementation of a successful Members' Bill is looked at through a case study.

Insider pressure groups

Three case studies explain the influence of pressure groups on Scottish government.

Local council services

A look at the importance of local government in our daily lives.

Local government - Rural services

How rural needs are funded and met by local government.

Local government funding - Public Private Partnership

A look at the use of Public Private Partnership funding by a local council.

Local government money

A look at the main sources of local government income and expenditure and how it is spent.

Meet the civil servant

A discussion on the role and unseen work of the civil service.

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