Drama about how drug abuse affects families (pt 5/5)

Mark describes his life and his family describe how they feel about him and his drug use.

Drama about teenage drug dealing (pt 3/5)

Conflicts between Sarah's old and new lives are starting to affect her.

Drama about teenage drug dealing (pt 4/5)

Sarah is drawn into drug dealing. Here she has an altercation with a rival drug dealer.

Drama about teenage drug dealing (pt 5/5)

Sarah's relationships become more negative as she gets drawn into the world of drugs.

Drama about teenage homelessness (pt 1/5)

Link is bullied by his mother's partner so he decides to leave home.

Drama about teenage homelessness (pt 2/5)

Link leaves home when he is bullied by his mother's partner and ends up homeless.

Drama about teenage homelessness (pt 3/5)

Link is assaulted as he spends his first night on the streets.

Drama about teenage homelessness (pt 4/5)

Link looks back on the events leading to his homelessness.

Drama about teenage homelessness (pt 5/5)

Link is shocked to discover how many other young people are in the same situation.

New child in class - Gareth's story

Gareth is a circus performer who learns from a travelling education service.