Claimants to the Scottish throne

King Edward I of England decides the future of the Scottish crown at Norham.

King Edward I, the Toom Tabard and the Ragman Rolls

King Edward I invaded Scotland in 1291 and dethroned King John.

Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland

John Comyn and Robert Bruce meet at Greyfriars church in Dumfries.

Robert the Bruce's early failures

Robert the Bruce's forces were killed at Methven. His family were killed or captured.

Robert the Bruce's eventual victory

Scotland attains the independence of the Scottish crown.

Robert the Bruce's victories and illness

During Robert the Bruce's campaign against the Comyns, he falls ill and momentum is lost.

The Battle of Falkirk

William Wallace's men suffer a bloody defeat at the Battle of Falkirk.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge

William Wallace's outnumbered Scottish army triumphs at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

The death and legacy of William Wallace

Although executed by Edward I, William Wallace remains a potent image of a free Scotland.

The last of the Canmores and the subsequent Scottish succession crisis

Succession following the deaths of Alexander III and Margaret the Maid of Norway.

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