Should extinct species be brought back to life?

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Key points

  • Extinct species can now be bought back to life if their DNA is preserved.
  • In theory, this means we could give dinosaurs and dodos a second chance. But should we?


Watch this video and consider the question: should extinct species be brought back to life?

Watch a short introduction to the debate: should we bring extinct animals back to life?


Controversial issues in science make for great discussion topics. The following video shows students your age expressing a range of opinions about whether or not extinct species should be bought back to life. Get together with your friends and discuss the issue!

Listen to secondary students debating about bringing extinct species back to life. What do you and your friends think?


This video contains some final opinions. Have you come to a decision yet? What are your reasons?

Watch this video journal and listen to the points of view. What's your opinion?

  • Over the last 500 years, human actions have caused the extinction of over 800 species.
  • Extinct species include the Dodo, Tasmanian Tiger and Quagga.
  • Many animals are currently facing extinction, including species of Panda, Rhino, Turtle and Orangutan.