Analysing and evaluating

What did you do? Why did you do it? Get to grips with analysing and evaluating work.

Analytical drawing

Artist Kate Powell explains how analytical drawing helps with skills and composition.

Annotating your work

Artist Kate Powell uses annotation to reflect her process and as an analytical tool.

Creating a brief

Graphic designer Willkay explains the importance of a brief to his work.

Developing ideas

Graphic designer Willkay shows how his intial sketches develop.

Experimenting with materials

Textile artist Halima Akhtar explains why she experiments and works with new materials.

Finding Inspiration

Four young artists describe where they get their artistic inspiration.

Presenting your final work

Designer Leanne Fischler explains how she puts together her portfolio of a project.

Recording and observing

Young artists share their tips for recording and observing during the creative process.

Responding to stimuli

Textile artist Halima Akhtar explores her creative response to the world around her.

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