What are compound words?

Find out how two separate words can be merged to create a compound word.

How to use an exclamation mark

An exclamation mark is used to show when something is surprising or forceful.

How to use question marks

A question mark goes on the end of every question.

How to write exclamations

Find out how to use exclamations to show intense feelings or to get attention.

How to write questions

Find out how to ask something using a question mark.

How to write statement sentences

Statement sentences tell the reader a fact or idea about a single topic. Find out how to use them.

What are homophones?

Find out what homophones are.

How to use to, too and two

Find out when to use to, too and two in this Bitesize English and literacy guide.

How to use their, they’re and there

Their, they’re and there are homophones. Find out when to use them.

What is alphabetical order?

Discover how to put words into alphabetical order with a video and activity.

What are the days of the week?

What are the days of the week? Watch an animation to see how to order and spell the days of the week.

What are prefixes?

Discover how adding a prefix can change the meaning of a word.

What are suffixes?

Suffixes are letters you can add to the end of words to change their meaning.

What are past, present and future tense?

All verbs have a past, present and future form.

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