Skeletal muscles

Looking at the role of skeletal muscles in moving parts of the body.

Stages of mitosis or cell division

A cell divides by mitosis - time lapse photography.

Stem cell research and medicine

What is stem cell research and how can stem cells be used in medicine?

Structure of the eye

An explanation of the structure of the eye and the specific functions of its parts.

The cell membrane

The process of diffusion is explained with reference to a cell membrane.

The limiting factors of photosynthesis

An explanation of the three limiting factors in photosynthesis using graphs.

The palisade cell

The palisade cell, its structure, function and location.

The root hair cell

Structure and function of a specialised cell.

Use of microbes in the food and drink industry

How yeast and bacteria are used to produce wine, beer, yoghurt and cheese.

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