Ciliated epithelial cells

Description of a ciliated epithelial cell.

Components of a plant cell

The presenters build a plant cell and describe the role of each component.

Components of an animal cell

An animal cell is built showing the role of the membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm.

Dominant and recessive inheritance of genes

How Mendel's work with pea plants demonstrated dominant and recessive inheritance.

Evolution of life on Earth

Introduction to evolution from cloning of single-celled organisms to sexual reproduction.

Food chains and food webs

Simple food webs, food chains, population changes and their effects on food webs.

Gaseous exchange in the lungs and the importance of alveoli

Gaseous exchange in the lungs and the important role played by the alveoli is explained.

Habitats and ecosystems

An introduction to habitats and ecosystems, using a seashore and woodland as examples.

How commercial growers improve crop yield

How farmers manipulate growing conditions to improve quality and yield in crops.

How do we breathe?

An animation and explanation of the mechanism of breathing.

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