Animal and plant cells

Find out about the cell components that are found in both animal and plant cells.

Specialised animal cells

Discover the different types of cells found in animals and what their role is. Learn about nerve cells, ciliated cells, muscle cells and more.

Specialised plant cells

Discover the different types of cells found in plants, and what each one does. Learn about xylem cells, phloem cells, root hair cells and more.

The four components of the blood

There are four parts of the blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets.

The skeletal system

Learn about the skeleton, a system of bones and joints that has many important jobs, such as protecting organs and helping the body to move.

Skeletal muscles

Learn about the muscles that work together in pairs to move the bones and body. Discover which muscles, bones and joints are involved in kicking a ball or raising an arm.

Adult and embryonic stem cells

There are two types of stem cells in humans: Embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Find out about the differences between them.

How plants and animals are organised

Cells in animals and plants are arranged into tissues, organs and organ systems.

What are the organs of the human body?

Learn about the organs in the human body.

What are the organs of a plant?

Find out about the organs of a plant.

What is the structure of a leaf?

Learn more about the structure and function of leaves.

Unicellular organisms

Find out about unicellular organisms - a living thing that is made of just one cell.


An explanation of what cellulose is and how it is used.

The role of diffusion in and within cells

Diffusion is the movement of particles from high to low areas of concentration. Learn how cells use it to transfer substances.

How to make a model animal and plant cell

Animal and plant cells can be visualised using a model. Find out how to make them.

How to observe cells under a microscope

Discover how to observe cells using a microscope.

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