Mary, Queen of Scots and the Reformation in Scotland

Mary, Queen of Scots returns to Scotland where Protestantism has swept across her country.

Mary, Queen of Scots plots against Elizabeth I

Mary's correspondence with Catholics plotting the death of Elizabeth led to her execution.

Mary, Queen of Scots returns to Scotland

The events surrounding the return to Scotland of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Mary’s difficulties with Lord Darnley

Mary's difficulties with her husband, Lord Darnley, and the murder of David Riccio.

Mary’s French marriage

Mary's marriage to the heir to the French throne and the implications of this union.

Reformation in Scotland

A brief account of the events that led to the Reformation of the Church in Scotland.

Scotland and its Regents

Mary flees into exile in England and Scotland is governed by a series of Regents.

The early life of Mary Queen of Scots

From her birth, Mary Stuart was the focus for rival marriage bids from England and France.

The execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary was executed at Fotheringay Castle in Northamptonshire in 1587.

The murder of Cardinal Beaton

Mary, Queen of Scots sets sail for France after the death of Cardinal Beaton.

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