Who was Mary Seacole?

This is Mary Seacole.

She lived an exciting life, travelling to many different countries and helping soldiers in war.

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The life of Mary Seacole.

A portrait of Mary Seacole

Key facts

  • When Mary Seacole died in 1881, her story was forgotten. But today, Mary Seacole is very well known.
  • She was brave and very determined.
  • She went to a battlefield to help soldiers. She looked after them in her ‘hotel’. This wasn't like a hotel you would stay in on your holidays. It was just a hut made from metal.

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Did you know?

  • People wrote that Mary would go right onto the battlefield to help the soldiers. She had two mules. One carried medicines and the other food and wine.
  • The soldiers liked Mary so much that they called her ‘Mother Seacole’.
  • Mary loved to travel. When she was a teenager, she took two trips to England. That's a long journey - over 7000 km!