Hitler's rise to power

The role Hitler played in the rise of the Nazis is explored.

How Hitler became chancellor

From Hindenburg's use of Emergency Powers to Hitler's achievement at the 1933 election.

How the Depression helped Hitler come to power

The Wall Street Crash in America led to the Depression, which was exploited by Hitler.

Kristallnacht - the Night of Broken Glass

The full devastation of Kristallnacht and the loss of hope in the Jewish community.

Nazi rise to power

How did the Nazis rise to power after Germany's defeat in World War One?

Nazi use of terror and violence

Organisations like the SS used terror and violence to maintain Nazi rule.

Neville Chamberlain achieves 'peace with honour'

Chamberlain negotiates the Munich Agreement, giving the Sudetenland to Germany.

The Anschluss

The Anschluss led to discrimination against the Austrian Jews.

The establishment of the Weimar Republic

How the abdication of the Kaiser gave rise to the Weimar Republic.

The role of Hitler's public appeal in the Nazi rise to power

Posters and eyewitness accounts explain the appeal of the Nazi party.

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