Learning to Learn

How do we learn best?

We all learn differently. Some of us learn quicker than others but that is normal. We all learned to crawl, walk and talk at different times, and at school we all began to read and write at different times. As you get older you may finding learning becomes easier, as you will know how you learn best.

There are lots of different ways to learn new things:

Visual: You can use images, maps and drawings in order to understand new information.

Auditory: This includes listening, speaking and taking part in class discussions.

Read/write: When you are trying to learn something new you can read about it and take notes.

Doing: Sometimes the best way to learn something new is to get stuck in! You might build something, take things apart or try other hands on activities.

We all use a mixture of ways to learn new things but sometimes one way suits better. For instance if you are trying to learn a new language, listening and speaking will be very important.

Or if you are learning to play an instrument you will need to practice actually playing it rather than reading a book about it or watching someone else play it!

Not everyone finds learning easy and some will have to work really hard to remember information and facts. Some will prefer science and maths and some will prefer languages and the arts. We need a variety of people in the world who are good at different things.

Don’t compare yourself to others. You have your own talents and you will develop skills as you get older. Not everyone can be a footballer or a ballet dancer.

Learning can be a challenge but think of this challenge as an opportunity to make things better. Think of this challenge as climbing a mountain. Take it step by step, look at how far you have come, celebrate when you have achieved something and keeping setting goals to move yourself forward. Look up and be positive. You can reach the top of that mountain!

You can learn in more ways than you know.

You can learn loads of new things by talking to people. They could be a friend, parent or your teacher.

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Famous people who found learning a challenge

Did you know there are lots of very famous people who found learning difficult, these include:

Albert Einstein (scientist), Richard Branson (businessman), Jamie Oliver (TV chef), Justin Timberlake (popstar), Daniel Radcliffe (actor), Michael Phelps (swimmer) and Keira Knightley (actor) to name but a few.

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