Sands of Forvie National Nature Reserve - marshes and mudflats

The intertidal salt marshes and mudflats in the estuary of the River Ythan, Aberdeenshire.

The hydrological cycle

An illustrated explanation of the hydrological cycle, introducing key terms.

The River Conwy - erosion and deposition

How erosion and deposition transforms the landscape of Snowdonia.

The River Severn - the upper course

A description of the River Severn along its upper course.

The source of the River Thames

An expert describes what to look for as the source of the River Thames.


A look at two waterfalls in different stages of development.

Waterfalls and gorges - erosion and deposition

The formation of waterfalls and gorges along the River Conwy in Wales.

Waterfalls, plunge pools and potholes

An illustrated explanation of waterfalls and how they are formed.

Watersheds and drainage basins

The role of watersheds and drainage basins in mountain ranges.

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