Creation of a flood plain in the Severn

Flood plain in the river Severn and an explanation of how it is created.

Effect of tide on rivers

Description of the lower course of the river Severn as it widens, becoming a tidal river.

Erosion - corrasion

An illustrated explanation of rivers - weathering, erosion and corrasion.

Erosion - hydraulic action

An illustrated explanation of rivers - erosion and hydraulic action.


An illustrated explanation of meanders in rivers.

Middle course of the River Severn

River Severn aerials - river widening, a flattening of the valley floor and meanders

Oxbow lakes

An illustrated explanation of the formation of cut-off meanders and oxbow lakes.

River management - the Mississippi

How river management techniques failed and areas of the the Mississippi flooded in 1993.

River Tay - Lower Course and Estuary

The landforms and land use in the lower course of the River Tay, Scotland.

River terraces

An illustrated explanation of erosion and the formation of river terraces.

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