Causes of climate change

A look at climate change over a range of timescales.

Climate change and coastal flooding

Examining the causes of the 1990 Towyn flood disaster.

Coronary heart disease

The symptoms and causes of coronary heart disease.

Crime & public perception

An explanation that fear of crime is made worse by over-zealous media reporting.

Designing crime prevention

Property developers need to consider designing out crime from new developments.

Effect of tide on rivers

Description of the lower course of the river Severn as it widens, becoming a tidal river.

Effects of the Earth's changing orbit

How changes to Earth's orbit can contribute to changes in temperature and climate.

Life in the favela of Rochina

Members of a typical Rocinha family describe their work and their thoughts on favela life.

Middle course of the River Severn

River Severn aerials - river widening, a flattening of the valley floor and meanders

Rainforest sustainability - Costa Rica

How sustainable farming techniques help rainforest conservation in Costa Rica.