Berlin mit Tara

A blogger gives viewers a tour of Berlin.

Dinge, die ich an Technik liebe

A blogger uses pronouns to explain the technological items that he owns.

Dinge, die wir hassen

Two young, German bloggers use conjunctions to discuss the various things that they hate.

Freunde und was man ihnen schenkt

A young blogger weighs up his options of what gift to buy his friend using modal verbs.

Gesund leben

A young blogger demonstrates the use of German adverbs by prepping some healthy meals.

Im Skatepark mit Nikita

A young blogger demonstrates how to use German propositions in a local skate park.


Two young, German bloggers explain their morning routine through using German adverbs.

Packtipps von Tara

A young blogger demonstrates packing tips using future tense.

Style-Tipps von Daniela

A blogger explains the use of German adjectives through her clothing style.

Was ich gestern gemacht habe

A young blogger uses past tense to explain the events that occurred the day before.