Animation of mice using magnets

An animation shows two mice using magnets to climb a fridge door to reach some cheese.

Compilation of forces in action

A compilation of images of forces in action, including hitting balls and a lorry braking.


An animation exploring how pushes and pulls make objects move, speed up, or slow down.

Forces in the playground

Children identify examples of forces in an adventure playground.

How does friction work as a force?

Children test how different surfaces affect how moving objects stop.

Magnets and springs (clip compilation)

A compilation of images of a variety of magnets and springs used in day-to-day life.

Pushes and pulls (clip compilation)

A compilation of pushes and pulls using 'real life' examples.

Super powerful magnets

The invention of super powerful magnetic grippers and their practical uses.

Weightlessness in space

A female British astronaut demonstrates the effects of weightlessness in a space station.

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