Spanish KS2 - Dash and Blink: Vanished Spanish

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KS2 Spanish

Build and test primary Spanish skills.

Learn and practise:

  • Spanish listening comprehension
  • Spanish vocabulary
  • Spanish phonics

Updating language banks…

Monster Dash loves nothing more than his trusty translator bot Blink. But her language banks are broken and she has been discarded in a pile of broken bots! Help Dash to rescue Blink, flee the MFL offices, and travel through space and time on their interdimensional lift to restore Blink to full operational health!

Select a topic and answer a series of questions, testing your knowledge on Spanish nouns, verbs, and phrases. The more you learn, the more information is uploaded into Blink’s language banks, in turn restoring her abilities as a language bot!

Along the way you’ll meet characters voiced by Catherine Tate. There’s Grapheme, the lift’s computer, who is on hand with her weird wit, but watch out for Rowzetta, their boss, whose security bots are chasing after the adventurers.

This intergalactic adventure of non-stop fun and cosmic weirdness will help you to learn KS2 Spanish better than ever before.

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