Do baby animals look like their parents?

How and why some baby animals look like their parents and some do not.

Food chains

All living organisms need food to survive.

How animals move and classifying birds

A look at how different animals move and how we know a bird is a bird.

How are camels adapted to live in the desert?

Animation explaining how camels are adapted to live in the desert environment.

How have different animals adapted to their habitats?

How different animals are adapted to live in different habitats.

How the changing seasons affect hedgehogs

How do hedgehogs live throughout the different seasons?

How to identify birds from their songs

Bill Oddie explains how to recognise different bird songs.

Interdependence and adaptation (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips on the subject of adaptation.


Why invertebrates shed their skeleton.

Looking after baby humans and animals

The needs of young humans and animals are discussed.

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