Ambiguous language - two mathematicians try to meet up

A problem involving the ambiguities of language. Marcus du Sautoy sets a word puzzle.

Calculating average speed on a commute to and from work

Marcus du Sautoy presents a problem about the average speed on his imagined commute.

Costs and logistics of a dodgem car ride

A look at how dodgem cars are stored and set up.

How long is a piece of string?

Is it possible to measure the exact length of a piece of string?

How to add and subtract fractions

An animated guide to working with fractions.

How to multiply and divide fractions

An animated guide showing how fractions multiply to produce baby fractions.

Ink colours for printing

An introduction to the four main colours of ink required to print a magazine.

Training to be a top cyclist

A look at the training and equipment required to be a top cyclist.

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