Drama about teenagers and sex (pt 4/4)

Marie discusses her first sexual experience with a friend and her boyfriend does the same.

Personal experiences of anorexia

A look at anorexia and how it affects lives.

Personal experiences of anxiety disorder

Young people talk about how anxiety disorders changed their lives.

Personal experiences of bipolar disorder

Young people discuss their experiences of living with bipolar disorder.

Personal experiences of drug addiction

Former drug addicts talk about their experiences of drug addiction and overcoming it.

SEN Skills for Life - Appropriate behaviour at the urinals

Highlighting appropriate behaviour for boys when using a urinal.

SEN Skills for Life - Appropriate behaviour when using a toilet cubicle

Highlighting appropriate behaviour when using a cubicle in a public toilet.

SEN Skills for Life - Getting dressed in appropriate clothes

Highlighting the importance of appropriate dress to save others from embarrassment.

SEN Skills for Life - How not to get a girlfriend

A teenage fantasist tries to chat-up two fellow students. It doesn't go very well.

SEN Skills for Life - Touching yourself in public

Appropriate behaviour and social skills in relation to intimate self-touching in public.