Coping with feeling angry

A group of children produce paintings to illustrate anger and their feelings.

Faces and Feelings

Rodd explores a range of facial expressions and body movements to convey emotions.

Family conflict

Jenny feels there is always conflict between herself and her mum and brother.

Feeling good - family and friends

A short musical piece describing how to feel good at home and with friends.

Feeling sad (pt 1/2)

A seven-year-old boy feels left out and upset that he is being ignored by his friends.

Feeling sad (pt 2/2)

Fred is feeling sad and confused about his feelings so he sees a 'doctor' in his head.

From bully to best friend

A young girl explains how she told a teacher she was being bullied by her friend.

How can you cope with feeling angry?

Children describe what they do when they feel angry to help them calm down.

Playground buddies, massages and mediators

An introduction to bullying prevention strategies.

Rodd’s Bad Day - Sleep is Important!

Rodd shows how missing out on a good bedtime routine can affect your everyday life.