What is science?

Find out what science is and how it can be used to test ideas and predict outcomes.

Why do scientists ask questions?

Science is all about asking questions. Find out how and why we ask scientific questions.

What are classification keys?

Discover how different animals can be grouped by similar features in this Bitesize KS2 Science guide.

How do you record and represent your findings?

Find out why scientists record data and results using diagrams, classifications, tables and charts.

Drawing conclusions and evaluating

Find out how to analyse information to draw conclusions.

What is classification and identification?

Find out how to identify and group items into categories using classification keys.

How do you make sure a test is fair?

Find out how to conduct a comparative and fair test.

Why do we observe things over time?

Find out why observing changes over time can give you better results when working scientifically.

How can patterns help us draw conclusions?

Find out how to identify patterns and draw conclusions.

What are secondary sources of information?

Find out how to identify secondary sources of information and how they can help you with your research