Place value and three-digit numbers

Three animated characters perform a song about place value.

Positive and negative numbers (signed)

Positive and negative numbers and the addition of positive numbers to negative numbers.

Problem solving using division and remainders

The Chuckle Brothers work out how many tables are needed at a wedding reception.

Problem-solving using quarters

A number and a quarter of that number add up to fifteen. What is the number?

Solving division problems (signed)

Two simple division problems are solved using animated turtles.

The place value of three-digit numbers

A discussion about the place value of three-digit numbers.

Three-digit numbers with individual digits that total 25 (signed)

Finding three-digit numbers with individuals digits that add up to 25.

Using basic algebra to find the weight of three cats (signed)

Students find the individual weights of cats using knowledge of their combined weights.

Using multiplication to create models (signed)

Using multiplication to work out how many bricks are needed to build a model village.

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