Arranging numbers with decimal place (signed)

How to arrange numbers with a decimal place in order on a number line.

Calculating size - scaling up and down (signed)

A model maker describes how he changes the size of a model by scaling it up or down.

Converting tenths to decimals

How to convert tenths to decimals, illustrated by cartoon-style fractions.

Counting by grouping into tens and units

A demonstration of counting a large number of objects by grouping them into piles of ten

Dividing by five with remainders (signed)

A demonstration of how a variety of numbers can be divided by five, leaving remainders.

Dividing by ten (signed)

An illustration of dividing by ten is given by dancing numbers in the gym.

Division with remainders (signed)

An introduction to division with remainders, illustrated with a real life problem.

Estimating and calculating distance

Captain Calamity estimates and measures distance and estimates the number of sheep.

Estimating and measuring area

How to calculate area in square metres from knowledge of lengths and widths.

Finding numbers on a number line

How to read numbers on a number line and how to speed up the process to be most efficient.

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