Adding 100

A catchy song about adding single-digit numbers to 100.

Adding near doubles - numbers greater than 20

Bill and Bernie use a near doubling strategy to work out how many socks they need to wash.

Adding three numbers - problem-solving

An ant needs to work out if there is enough space to house 29 ants in 3 houses.

Adding three small numbers by counting on

How to add three small numbers by counting on.

Adding using number bonds

Bernie uses number bonds to ten to work out how many flowers she has in her window boxes.

Addition - creating larger numbers

How to add hundreds, tens and units to make larger numbers.

Addition and subtraction - inverse operations

Two students answer some everyday maths problems using addition and subtraction.

Addition and subtraction - shopping

Addition and subtraction, illustrated through everyday shopping experiences.

Addition and subtraction with coins

Bill and Bernie play a game. They add and subtract using 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins.

Addition by counting in tens

A demonstration of counting in tens using seed planting as an example.

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