Adding three small numbers by counting on

How to add three small numbers by counting on.

Dividing by ten (signed)

An illustration of dividing by ten is given by dancing numbers in the gym.

Estimating and calculating distance

Captain Calamity estimates and measures distance and estimates the number of sheep.

Making three-digit numbers

How to make three-digit numbers, starting with a number and placing another next to it.

Making totals with a specified number and value of coins (signed)

Making various monetary totals using a specified number and value of coins.

Making weekly weather recordings

How to measure and record weather using a thermometer, an anemometer and a rain gauge.

Measurement of length (signed)

The measurement of length. Wood is measured for shelving in metres and tenths of a metre.

Measuring length (signed)

How to measure the length of a piece of wood, a python and a football pitch.

Measuring temperature - freezing point

A presenter at the British Antarctic Survey discusses temperature and freezing point.

Multiples of three (signed)

A class finds a number from a range between 750 and 800 which is a multiple of three.

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