How can we work out times by bridging through the hour?

Fin and Snoot learn how to tell the time.

What is bridging through 60?

Remember that there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour.

Bridging through 60 can help when you have to add times that are more than one whole minute (60 seconds) or one whole hour (60 minutes).

Here's what to do.

Work out what you need to add to your first time to make 60. Take this from your second time.

What do you have left? Add what is left to 60. That's the end of your answer.

Remember that when you bridge through 60 you need to add 1 to the minutes if you are bridging through 60 seconds or add 1 to the hours if you are bridging through 60 minutes.


What time is it half an hour after 10:40am?

Remember that half an hour is 30 minutes (half of 60 minutes).

Work out 40 + ? = 60.

The answer is 20.

Take this away from your second time. 30 - 20 = 10.

So your answer ends with 10.

Remember that you need to add 1 to the hours because you have bridged through 60 minutes.

10:40am + 30minutes = 11:10am