Using the four types of sentence

Learning focus

To use the four types of sentence: statement, question, exclamation, command.

This lesson includes:

  • one video about sentence rules

  • one video about the four types of sentences

  • three activities


Words are grouped together into sentences. All sentences should:

  • start with a capital letter
  • end with a punctuation mark
  • contain a verb (a 'doing word')
  • make sense

Watch this short video to remind yourself of these simple sentence rules.

Revise how to write a sentence.

There are four different types of sentences:

  • statements
  • commands
  • questions
  • exclamations

Each type of sentence does a different job.

In the Teacher Talk below, Mr Firth explains the four types of sentences in more detail. Listen carefully and join in with the activity!

Learn about the four types of sentences with Mr Firth.


Statements usually end with a full stop but can also use an exclamation mark.

The cat ran away down the street.

Commands can be punctuated with a full stop or an exclamation mark.

Fetch me my cat.


Questions must end with a question mark.

Have you found my cat yet?

Exclamations must end with an exclamation mark.

What an amazing cat you have!


You may need paper and a pen or pencil for some of these activities.

Activity 1

Let's do a quiz!

Read the sentence and decide whether it is a statement, command, question or exclamation.

Activity 2

Let's write some sentences!

Now that you know the different sentence types, try writing some yourself.

Write one statement, one command, one question and one exclamation.

You can write about anything you like: yourself, what you can see in the room around you or outside the window. Or, you could let your imagination run wild!

Top tip!

Remember to use capital letters and punctuation correctly.

  • Questions should end with a question mark (?)
  • Exclamation should end with an exclamation mark (!)
  • Statements and commands should end with a full stop (.), or sometimes an exclamation mark (!)

Activity 3

Let's make a poster!

Watch this short video about recycling and then try creating a recycling poster.

Learn about recycling and its effect on the environment.

Make a poster that is full of information about recycling.

  • Make sure you include one or two of each of the four sentence types in your poster: statement, question, exclamation and command.
  • Include as many facts as you can from the video above.
  • You can decorate your poster with fun images too!

Where next?

In this lesson you have learnt to use the four types of sentence: statement, question, exclamation and command.

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