Day and night

An animation that explores the daily cycle from day to night.

Day and night in the world's most northerly city

Vicky Kimm visits the most northerly city in the world.

Earth, Sun and Moon (clip compilation - no narration)

A compilation of images of the Earth, Sun and Moon set to music.

How big is the Sun in relation to Earth?

How much bigger than Earth is the Sun?

How the changing seasons affect hedgehogs

How do hedgehogs live throughout the different seasons?

How the changing seasons affects apple trees

How an apple tree survives during the different seasons.

Planet Earth

An explanation of why the Earth is known as the Goldilocks planet.

Seasonal change in the countryside

A sequence of time lapse images showing changing seasons in the countryside.

The Moon

Images of the Moon and historical news footage of the first man landing on the Moon.

The planet Jupiter

A quick guide to Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

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