A day in a Spanish secondary school

A day in a Spanish secondary school, looking at the day structure and range of subjects.

A history of Guatemala

A history of Guatemala from the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors to the Civil War.

Festivals in the Sahara

Spanish speaking children get together to celebrate a festival in a Saharan refugee camp.

Future work and aspirations - photography

Students talk about their interest in photography and their future plans.


An introduction to typical Spanish pastimes.

Introducing yourself in Spanish

Spanish speaking students talk about themselves and where they are from.

Life in the refugee camps of the Sahara

Children talk about living in a refugee camp in the Sahara.

Living conditions in Guatemala

Living in poverty in the city of Guatemala.

Making arrangements for leisure activities

A group of friends get together to make arrangements for their free time .

Products available in Guatemala

A visit to a local market in Antigua.