Who was King Henry VIII?

This is King Henry VIII.

He is remembered for starting the Church of England, and for having six wives!

Find out more about him, below.

Key facts

  • King Henry VIII had six wives. Most of his wives were not treated well. He even had two of them beheaded!
  • He wanted to look rich and strong. He had jewels sewn into his clothes and ate the finest foods.
  • He also set up the Church of England.

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Did you know?

  • King Henry VIII wasn't the nicest person. He liked to get his own way and was a bit of a show off.
  • Henry had a fool to make him laugh. The fool told jokes and did funny things, like a clown.
  • When Henry died, he owned 50 different palaces. The most famous is Hampton Court.
  • Henry had a bowling alley and tennis courts at Hampton Court!

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