Who was Queen Elizabeth I?

This is Queen Elizabeth I.

  • Elizabeth I was Queen of England, Ireland and Wales from 1558-1603.
  • Find out more about her, below.
Learn about the life of Queen Elizabeth I.

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

Key facts

  • Queen Elizabeth I’s time in power is known as the ‘Elizabethan Age’.
  • She ruled England alone. She did not marry. So, although she was queen, England had no king.
  • Some people felt only men should be rulers. Elizabeth proved them wrong.

Do you remember what happened in Queen Elizabeth I's life? Try the activity below.

Did you know?

  • Queen Elizabeth I was very clever. She could speak six languages, including French and Italian.
  • She sometimes threw her shoes at people when she was cross!
  • Elizabeth's teeth were black! She loved to pick them in public.

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