Mandarin: Weather and seasons

Talking about the weather in Mandarin follows a slightly different structure to English, but it’s simple enough to pick up.

Talking about the weather in Mandarin

In English, you might be asked:

How is the weather today?

You can ask this in Mandarin by saying:

listen 今天的天气怎么样? Jīn tiān de tiān qì zěn me yang?

Breaking this question down, you can start to see the structural differences between Mandarin and English:

listen 今天的 Jīn tiān de (Today's) listen 天气 tiān qì (weather) listen 怎么样? zěn me yang? (how is?)

Some key terms when talking about the weather in Mandarin include:

listen 晴天 qíng tiān sunny 
listen 阴天 yīn tiān cloudy 
listen 下雨 xià yǔ rain 
listen 下雪 xià xuě snow 
listen 有雾 yǒu wù fog 
listen 刮风 guā fēng wind 

Or, to describe the temperature in Mandarin, you could use:

listen lěng cold 
listen  hot 
listen 凉爽 liáng shuǎng cool 

Try adding listen hěn (very) to any of these for more extreme weathers in Mandarin, eg listen 很热 hěn rè (very hot).

Did you know?

To create a statement in Mandarin from the above words, there are four verb options:

  • listen 今天 Jīn tiān - Today, eg hot and cold

  • listen 今天是 Jīn tiān shì - Today is, eg sunny and cloudy

  • listen 今天有 Jīn tiān yǒu - Today has, eg fog

  • listen 今天下 Jīn tiān xià - Today falls, eg rain and snow

  • listen 今天刮 Jīn tiān guā - Today blows, eg wind

Seasons in Mandarin

listen 夏天 Xià tiān Summer 
listen 秋天 Qiū tiān Autumn 
listen 冬天 Dōng tiān Winter 
listen 春天 Chūn tiān Spring 

Instead of ‘today’, you may want to talk about the weather in specific seasons in Mandarin.

For example, in Mandarin you could say:

  • listen 冬天很冷 Dōng tiān hěn lěng - In Winter it is very cold

  • listen 秋天经常刮风 Qiū tiān jīng cháng guā fēng - In Autumn it is often windy

Places in Mandarin

If you want to talk about the weather of a specific place in Mandarin, you simply add the name of that place between listen 今天 Jīn tiān (Today) and the weather.

For example in Mandarin you could say: listen 今天英格兰很热 Jīn tiān Yīng gé lán hěn rè - Today it is very hot in England

The literal translation for this is listen 今天 Jīn tiān (Today) listen 英格兰 Yīng gé lán (England) listen 很热 hěn rè (very hot).

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