Combustion reactions for hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons react with oxygen to create carbon dioxide and water which releases heat.

Flame testing

Some metals change the colour of a flame, allowing you to determine what metal it is


Radioactivity is measured in the number of nuclear decays an object has per second


Explaining the structure and reactivity of various metals

National 5 - The Haber process

Explaining how ammonia is a used in the production of fertilisers using the Haber process

Polymers and monomers

How chains of molecules called monomers combine to make the polymers used in plastics

Precipitation reactions

Combining two soluble salts causes a precipitation reaction


Explaining the properties of the three kinds of radiation - alpha, beta and gamma

Reaction of metal and acid

Explaining how metals above hydrogen on the electrochemical series react with acids

The uses of polymers

An explanation of what polymers are and some of their uses.

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