How to create a story structure

Follow this easy to remember story mountain structure and learn how to organise your plot to build a great story.

How to create a setting

Learn how important it is to pick a compelling and exciting setting for your story.

How to create a character

Six simple steps to help you develop strong characters and make your stories even better.

How to create a comic

Find out how to combine words and pictures in a comic strip format and tell fantastic stories.

How to write a script

Get to grips with how to layout a drama script for actors and directors to follow.

How to write poetry

Learn how to share your emotions, reflections and ideas through writing great poems.

How to write a play

Some stories are written for people to perform. Find out how to write your own play.

How to write a scary story

Scary stories frighten the reader through suspense and shocks.

How to write a science fiction story

Science fiction stories are usually set in the future. Find out how to write your own science fiction story.

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