Retaining Scots words in our everyday lives

Poet Mark Thomson comments on the words and sounds of Scots language.

Rhona Martin, Scots language and curling

Rhona Martin uses Scots language to describe curling.

Sanjeev Kohli highlights disgusting Scots words

Sanjeev Kohli looks at Scots words which make us feel uncomfortable.

Scots and childhood

Actor Bill Paterson explains the role Scots words have in his vocabulary.

Scots words for weather

Presenter and singer Michelle McManus describes the weather in Scots.

Susan Calman takes a humorous look at Scots language

Susan Calman uses Scots words for body parts in a comedy routine.

The news in Scots

Catriona Shearer compares modern official use of English with the 16th Century uses.

The pitch

Four sales pitches for DIY products and feedback on 'The Apprentice'.

Tom Kitchin uses Scots words for food

Chef Tom Kitchin talks about Scots words for food and his use of Scots on menus.

Writing comedy

The comedy writer Meera Syal explores how humour is created in "1066 and All That".

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