Is the Earth sacred?

Most people, whether they are religious or not, will agree that the planet is special and deserving of our care and respect.

Expressing the spiritual through art, music and literature

Throughout history, people have used art, music and literature to express their religious beliefs, and to help them to focus on practices such as prayer and worship.

Why do people suffer?

The world is full of suffering, but why? Is suffering just a part of life that we must accept and try to deal with?

What does it mean to live in a multi-faith society?

A multi-faith or a multi-cultural society is where lots of different faiths live side-by-side, like the UK.

Is religion a power for peace or does it cause conflict?

There are many different religions and different beliefs, and this can sometimes lead to conflict.

Should religious buildings be sold to help the poor?

Some people, whether they are religious or not, believe that grand religious buildings should be sold, and the money used to help the poor.

What happens when we die?

Different religions hold a wide variety of beliefs about what happens after we die.

Does it matter how we treat animals?

More and more people are questioning the ways human beings use animals, and some are actively turning away from using animal products in their daily lives.