What is an algorithm?

Algorithms provide computers with a sequence of instructions or a set of rules. Find out how they work.

How do we get computers to do what we want?

Find out how to use sequence, selection and repetition in computer programs.

How do computer programs use variables?

Variables are used by computer programs to store information. Find out how they are used.

Controlling physical systems

Robots are computers that are programmed to interact with the world using input and output devices.

What is decomposition?

Breaking a problem down in to smaller parts is the essence of decomposition. Find out how programmers do this.

How do you make a good app?

Apps are the programs that run on smartphones & tablets. Discover the secrets to making a good app.

What makes a good computer game?

Discover how computer games are made, what makes them fun and how you can turn your own idea into a game.

What is computer science?

Computational thinking is the concept at the heart of computer science. Find out more.

What is debugging?

A ‘bug’ is a mistake or error in a piece of code. Find out how to fix them.

What is the world wide web?

The world wide web is made of millions of interlinked webpages. Find out how it started.

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