Black Forest gateau

Michael Portillo samples Black Forest gateau and finds out about its ingredients.

Buying a rucksack

A brief introduction to a department store in Germany.

Mein Kampf

Reactions to the controversial reprinting of Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Munich's outdoor living rooms

During the summer in Munich, whole families flock to one of the city's 180 beergardens.

New Year's Day concert - Vienna Philharmonic

The annual New Year's Day concert performed is by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.


An animated clip in which a film director corrects an actor's use of German nouns.


An animated clip about an actor who's grappling with German prepositions.


'Stolpersteine' are placed in pavements to honour the Jews lost during Nazi times.

Sundays in Germany

Sunday is considered to be a day of rest in Germany, whether people are religious or not.

Word Order

An animated clip in which a grumpy director helps an actor understand German word order.

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