Book cover illustrations

Where do ideas come from? An illustrator discusses the challenges of book cover design.

Creating artwork - Developing ideas

Four students describe how they have developed diverse responses to two different themes.

Creating artwork - Evaluation

Students demonstrate how they incorporate critical and contextual references into work.

Creating artwork - Experimenting with materials and techniques

Textile artist Ann-Caroline Breig describes how materials can be used to develop ideas.

Creating artwork - Finding inspiration from other artists

Students describe how they have used the work of artists to develop their own ideas.

Creating artwork - Presenting your final work

Students talk about the presentation of the preparatory work and supporting studies.

Creating artwork - Recording ideas

Students describe how they recorded and developed ideas for their final pieces.

Creating artwork - Recording using annotation

Students describe how they use annotation to record the progress of their ideas.

Creating artwork - Responding to stimuli

Three students explain how they develop ideas from a diverse range of source materials.

Fiona Rae - Artistic freedom and techniques

A visit to Fiona Rae's studio reveals an abstract approach to painting.

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