Asylum - seeking asylum

Three asylum seekers discuss the process of applying for asylum in the UK.

Asylum - three generations of refugees

Three generations of refugees discuss finding asylum in Britain.

Community councils

Local Authorities use community councils to gauge public opinion on existing services.

External influences on local government

Financing and control of local government by UK and Scottish Parliaments and Governments.

Local council services

A look at the importance of local government in our daily lives.

Local government - Rural services

How rural needs are funded and met by local government.

Local government - Town planning and regeneration

How local councils are responsible for town planning.

Local government funding - Public Private Partnership

A look at the use of Public Private Partnership funding by a local council.

Local government money

A look at the main sources of local government income and expenditure and how it is spent.

Police Community Support Officers

How Police Community Support Officers work in a community to tackle anti-social behaviour.