Rhythm, vocal and body sounds

It’s the Great Martian Bake Off! Or at least until Martin almost sets the studio on fire… All seems to be lost until Cara gets an idea about how her co-host’s love for bread can help them with rhythm.


Rhythm is a pattern of sounds of different lengths across time.

These sounds can be long or short and can be created by clapping, clicking, tapping, speaking or singing.

When playing or singing a rhythm, it’s important to have a steady pulse like a metronome, a timer or a friend tapping a continuous beat.

Vocal & Body Sounds

Vocal and body sounds are sounds that are created using our bodies and voices.

We can speak, shout, sing, hum, hiss and create so many other sounds with our voices.

Our bodies can be used like percussion. We can clap, tap, click and stomp to make a whole range of sounds using just ourselves.

Clap it Out

With a partner, try clapping out the name of a friend or family member and see if they can guess who it is. Use the syllables of the name as a rhythm. For example, Jes-si-ca, Mi-chael.

Using Symbols

Pick an item in the room and clap out the rhythm of its syllables.

Then, make a picture using symbols or images to represent each syllable.

Longer rhythm sounds could be larger, and smaller rhythm sounds could be smaller.

If the pattern is fast, the pictures could be close together, and if the pattern is slow, the pictures could be spread further apart.

Eg: Fruit So-da

Eg: Ba-na-na