Talking about music and songs

Music Club is THE place to discuss the hottest, freshest new tunes! That is, if you have something to play them on.

Time to break out the mini spaceships - er ... records!

Musical Features

Music is made of lots of different elements that make up how it sounds.

These features can be described using key words like loud and quiet, high and low, fast and slow, long and short.

We can use these words and many more to describe the elements of a piece of music.

More ways of describing music

The vocal line - How many singers are there? Are they male or female?

The backing or accompaniment - What instruments are there? What type of ensemble is it? (A rock band, a brass ensemble, a piano and violin?) Do any instruments play a solo?

The lyrics - Are there lyrics? Is there a hook (a repeated lyrics line)? Do the lyrics rhyme?

The texture - Is the texture of the music thick (many instruments and singers performing at once), thin (only a few instruments and singers) or in between? Are there many layers of sound? Are there many voices singing? Are there many instruments playing? Does the texture stay the same throughout?

The tempo - Is the music fast, slow or in between? Does the tempo change throughout the piece? Does the music speed up or slow down?

The dynamics - Is the music loud, quiet or in between? Are the dynamics the same throughout the piece or do they vary?

The arrangement - Is the piece divided into sections? What are the differences between sections? Which voices or instruments sing and play in each section? Do sections repeat?

Music Club

Why not start your very own music club?

Pick any song you like and listen to it. What do you like about it?

Is it fast or slow? Does it have loud sections, quiet sections or both? What instruments are being used? Is there a singer? What is the mood of the piece - how does it make you feel? Does the piece sound like it’s in a particular style?